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Familiarity with PHP programming language


What is php?

What is php? It is a programming language that is known as the main basis in designing a site. In other words, it is interpreted as a language. A person who wants to do Web design work is able to use the PHP language of the application. Code and design the required items.

One of the features of this programming language is the possibility of interactive coding. The existence of this feature causes users to access different sections. Access to sections such as user panel, registration on the site, saving information on the site and …

What is web design?

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In what year and by whom was the php programming language recognized?

In 1994, a Danish man named Rasmus Lerdorf wrote a series of scripts in the Perl programming language to control and manage some of his work on his personal website. These scripts were designed and written according to the principles and standards of scripting. This script was for calculating the number of users who read his resume.

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Having such an interesting idea on a site attracted so much attention that many users requested to send a script to them. For this reason, despite much attention, Lerdorf decided to name this script php, which stands for Personal Home Page.

What is php?
What is php?

What is the php programming language? Full introduction with its structure

What is php? In general, the php programming language is known as an open source script that is used to design websites as well as web applications. This programming language, unlike HTML or JavaScript languages, runs pages designed with PHP by servers. Php was originally derived from the words Hypertext PreProcessor, meaning hypertext preprocessor, which was introduced in 1995 as the Personal Home Page.

This programming language is very similar in structure to c programming. And of course, it should be noted that in the new versions, its function is similar to Java programming. Despite these similarities, it is very popular among users. In addition to the php programming language, popular software such as WordPress, Joomla, as well as Drupal, etc. were created and presented.

Currently, a large number of sites have been designed using the PHP language and displayed on the World Wide Web. And this statistic is added every day. According to the global statistics, 60% of the sites on the server, such as the popular Wikipedia and Facebook sites, are designed using php.

What are the features and capabilities of the php language?

One of the important features of this programming language is that it can use different types of databases. Databases such as MySQL, SqlLite, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft Sql Server, etc. Which are very simple.

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Other features of this popular and popular language can be run on all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Macintosh. Another positive point and strengths of PHP is having very powerful frameworks such as Laravel and Symphony. On the other hand, the ability of open source and also for free is the main reason for the popularity of this programming language in the field of web design.

What is SEO?

If you are looking to fully learn this programming language, the first step to learning is to fully understand the html language, which is the main skeleton in web design, as well as JavaScript. You also need to know how to work with MySQL. This language is offered in different versions, each version is more up-to-date and more capable than the old version. For example, in versions 3 and 4, it is possible to interface the command line. This means that PHP syntax can be used directly in html code. This php feature can be used to design graphical or non-web interface software.

What is php?

Conclusion :

What is php? The php language is an open source scripting language first written in 1994 by Rasmus Lordorf of Denmark as a series of functions in the c programming language. One of the superior features of this language is the existence of very powerful frameworks in it. Also, unlike other languages ​​such as HTML or Java, PHP is implemented on the server. Php stands for Personal Home Page. In 1997, the language underwent a major transformation by two people, Zio Suraski and Andy Guttmanns.

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Because these two people rewrote the core of PHP and released the third version. Making changes as well as rewriting this programming language has made a huge difference in the path and history of the php programming language. This development has made PHP dynamically known and popular as one of the most important tools for designing and implementing web design projects over the past 10 years.

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What other php programming languages ​​are similar? And what are these similarities?

The php programming language is very similar to languages ​​like html and javascript. These similarities are in the open source nature of this language, which you can use for free. It is also a high level language that is dynamic or dynamic and its design is very easy.

Why is php better than other languages ​​like Java?

The choice of programming language for site design can be up to the user. Because Java, like php, is a good design option. But if you need a powerful library or framework in design or have complete mastery of PHP, you can choose it for design.

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