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benefits of gutenberg + the advantages and disadvantages


What is a Gutenberg Editor?

What is a Gutenberg Editor? WordPress is one of the most popular and famous Web design systems. This system is considered as one of the most powerful online store builders. Because it has many elements and plugins. And most importantly, this system is updated every year and is available to users with a new version with new features and specifications.

benefits of gutenberg

The new version of WordPress, which is called WordPress version 5 in the market, has many features such as having a powerful editor called Gutenberg. This editor was recognized in 2018 and was uploaded in the new version of WordPress. In previous versions of this system, editors such as Classic Editor were used to generate and edit content.

Replacing Gutenberg with other editors makes it easier for you to use media in your content. In general, the existence of Gutenberg Editor in WordPress 5 provides you with many possibilities. In the following, we will fully introduce the Gutenberg Editor and its advantages and disadvantages. You can get help from MrW3 collection of engineers.

What are the capabilities of Gutenberg Editor?

What is a Gutenberg Editor? Gutenberg is one of the WordPress editors that comes in version 5. Using this editor, you can easily generate content and manage the content generated on your site in the best possible way. If we want to have an accurate and correct definition of this editor.

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What is SEO?

Gutenberg is a blockchain editor that exists in WordPress. One of Gutenberg’s unique features is that you do not need to install separate plugins to create various elements such as tables, custom buttons, shortcodes, or ajax storage, etc. This tool can use all the elements mentioned on your site.

In general, by using this type of editor, you can make many changes in different parts of the site, such as pages, products, etc. This editor is available by installing WordPress on it. But for any reason, if it is not activated on WordPress, you can go to the plugins section and the WordPress counter section and activate it. Gutenberg in WordPress consists of two main parts.

What are the main parts of Gutenberg Editor?

As mentioned, Gutenberg consists of two main parts. The first part is located on the right side of this editor, which is for the content and writing section, as well as the tabs.

Post: The general settings of the site and tabs and posts that are also available in the classic editor. The post is generally related to sections such as unique links, tags, index image, product summary or abstract, categories created in The site is for products, as well as a discussion section and writing features.

Block section: The settings of each block or element that is included in the content of your site are in this section. The meaning of the written element is the paragraph, the images in the content, and so on.

What is a Gutenberg Editor?

What is the Gutenberg editor environment like?

Gutenberg Editor is designed to be coded and therefore intended for people unfamiliar with coding. And by using this type of editor, they can easily achieve all their requirements from one site. Site owners and administrators are often looking for changes and innovations in the site.

Therefore, using Gutenberg in WordPress causes a lot of visual and intuitive changes in the content. This editor is a very useful tool for site designers because it has many page builder plugins. Because it is a simple tool in which creating content is very easy. With all this said, webmasters are waiting for the update of this editor. Every system and program has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Gutenberg Editor is in the same category, and it has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Disadvantages and advantages of Gutenberg editor

If you’ve worked with the Gutenberg Editor, you’ve definitely noticed the dramatic changes and features. And so wait for this editor to be rebuilt and face it, or sometimes think that you prefer this editor not to be active on your site. Gutenberg is an editor that’s a lot to discuss. The advantages and disadvantages of this WordPress editor are:

4 What are the features and benefits of Gutenberg Editor?

As mentioned, one of the most useful WordPress editors is Gutenberg, which is in version 5 of WordPress. In summary, its features and benefits are as follows.

  • The content produced in this editor is very visual and attractive. It is also very simple for beginners who do not specialize in coding.
  • Shows the content written on the site in a format closer to the original appearance of the site.
  • Using Gutenberg in WordPress eliminates short and separate code, so you can easily create more compelling content.
  • Having different elements in Gothenburg makes your content have many options for more customization.

3 Gutenberg Editor Disadvantages

Some webmasters and site owners tend to use Gutenberg in a way that they prefer not to use. The following are some of the concerns that site owners have about this editor.

  • Gutenberg was created with the aim of creating a comfortable and simple relationship and was available to users. But it may not be easy to learn.
  • As mentioned, this editor has various plugins and themes, some of which may not be compatible with each other, and these contradictions can cause some parts of the site to crash.
  • This editor is not complete to be a part of the main part of the site and therefore should be considered as a separate plugin.
What is a Gutenberg Editor?


What is a Gutenberg Editor? Gutenberg Editor is one of the most efficient WordPress editors known in 2018 and was included in version 5 of WordPress. This editor has very attractive features that make the content produced in the best way on the site. On the other hand, it has various and extensive elements and plugins. Since every system has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

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What is web design?

Gutenberg also has advantages and disadvantages. It should be noted that despite the disadvantages of this editor, using it can be the best choice for having a professional site. To get more information and place an order to design a site with WordPress template, full SEO support, etc., you can get help from the professional collection of MRW3 engineers.

Is using Gutenberg Editor in WordPress the right choice despite its drawbacks?

Although this editor has its drawbacks. But it is being developed and rebuilt so that it can be a part of the main part of the WordPress site. On the other hand, designing a site with a WordPress template is the best choice for creating and producing content more easily.

Is Gutenberg available in all previous versions of WordPress or not? And is it automatically enabled on WordPress?

This editor was designed in 2018 and was included in WordPress 5 versions. Gutenberg is enabled on WordPress by default. But if it was not activated for any reason, you can activate it from the text and counter settings section.

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