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طراحی سایت و سئو - Web design and SEO

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طراحی سایت و سئو - Web design and SEO


طراحی سایت و سئو - Web design and SEO

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Web Design

If you need to enter cyberspace to grow your business, one of your most important needs is definitely a comprehensive and professional website. If you want to sell your products through the site and cyberspace, you have an efficient and effective store website. Your online store website should have a unique design and have all the necessary facilities to expand your business. Website design with ready-made site builders is not suitable for a powerful and promising business. Your site should be designed and prepared according to your wishes as well as the users and customers of your website.

When designing a site, the necessary facilities should be considered to better visit the site and sell more products. Also, to get the most out of your website, you need to optimize for SEO or rank in Google. According to statistics, most visitors today come to their desired site via mobile or smartphone and tablet. Therefore, site design should be done in accordance with the necessary standards with mobile phones and tablets.

This is also not possible through ready-made store sites, and the site pages are not displayed well on different devices. But with the basic design of the site and observing the necessary points, the pages of the site can be designed in accordance with all smart devices. The ability to display the site correctly on home computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones is called responsive. Responsive design of your site is one of the strengths of your SEO.

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SEO and ranking promotion

Designing a website and creating a store website alone will not be very rewarding. It requires high traffic and more feedback from your site ٬‌ SEO and promotion of your site in Google. Most users are looking to buy a product through Google search engine and things like that. So you need to bring your site to the top pages of Google so that more customers visit your site. The background of basic SEO of the site is based on principled and optimal design.

When designing the site, you should pay attention to the points so that in the future the site will be SEOed faster and better and will be displayed on the first pages of Google. Therefore, if you are looking to create a store site and sell your products or you are thinking about branding and increasing traffic, SEO is very important for you. To get better results from SEO, we suggest that you leave the promotion of your site in Google to experts in this field.

What is SEO?

In other words, it is search engine optimization. Users and webmasters use SEO to improve the performance of Internet sites based on Google search engine standards as well as attract and enhance visitors. SEO has many things that by doing them have a great impact on the visibility of your site after web design.

These factors include: The words used in the content of the product, the presence of inbound or outbound links in a text from your site to other sites, the appropriate structure for the site according to search engines.

If we want to give a precise and basic definition of the word SEO. SEO is a set of activities in designing and determining the content strategy as well as producing a quality and good content for the site. To get the site in a better position in Google hives and also increase its visitors. In the following, we will answer the question, what is SEO? And the factors affecting it.

What are the goals of SEO?

The purpose of SEO for a website is to get the best results when searching Google along with the link between the pages and all the keywords entered on the site by users. In general, SEO helps a lot in ranking the site in Google search results. In order to be able to show the desired page of your website with a normal search, many steps must be taken.

Implementing this task requires an expert who has enough knowledge and information to do the job, as well as time. To achieve this goal, time is one of the biggest and most important investments to improve a website or a page. In order to be able to optimize the site better, you should pay attention to the points mentioned in the following section.

Keyword suitable for SEO

Choosing the right and practical keywords related to the product or business, doing and implementing SEO may take longer, it may take weeks or months to get the desired result. Maybe during this time as well. Site optimization may not be very noticeable and will not be seen quickly, but over time you will see good results.

One of the reasons why companies spend so much time and money doing SEO. That is, according to the overall statistics obtained, the first 3 places generally accounted for 58.4% of the visitors. For this reason, it is very useful for site administrators to be among the top 3.

Its ratings and visitors are rising. One of the important features for any website is that it can be on the first page of all Google searches, especially in the first 3 rows. Which has a higher percentage of clicks on this page and of course the first 3 rows.

On the other hand, users are very interested in clicking on Google natural search and according to statistics, 72.3% of users follow this method. Knowing this information has created competition and cost and time for others for the collection manager.

Two main parts of SEO

On-page SEO

In this section, you have complete control over sections such as code, content, photos, links, etc. Everything you upload to your site is generally related to the in-page SEO section. The most important and main part of SEO is in-page SEO because all the efforts you make to optimize the site are in the place where you have the most control over it.

In this section, you have complete control over sections such as code, content, photos, links, etc. Everything you upload to your site is generally related to the in-page SEO section. The most important and main part of SEO is in-page SEO because all the efforts you make to optimize the site are in the place where you have the most control over it.

Off-page SEO

Website optimization with off-page SEO method controls everything that happens outside of a website. And this section is the complete opposite of in-page SEO, which has precise control over the internal details of the site.

In general, off-page SEO manages the links that are made from other sites to your website, and thus optimizes the search engines. Doing this is very specialized and should be done by SEO engineers to be able to find the right links. And manage.

Factors affecting SEO

Every year, Google introduces new algorithms that have a number of new conditions. And all sites must follow the announced standards to be able to rank well in Google search results. One of Google’s algorithms is user behavior. How this algorithm works is that when the user searches, it analyzes its behavior and ranks and optimizes your site accordingly.

Google suggests one or more other results when a user searches for a phrase or word, and eventually Google will pay close attention to the user’s choice. For example: If a site does not have an interesting ranking in Google search pages, but many users click on that page or site. Google improves site ranking. Other factors that affect a site’s ranking are how long the user stays on the site. For more and more specialized knowledge, you can join mrw3 professional team.

Production of templates and plugins

Have you ever had any plugins and solutions that do not meet your needs? Or the results of the plugins are not to your liking? Or have a special design and a unique template for your site. Perhaps you have also denied that if an add-on was designed and produced according to your needs, all your wishes would be executed and implemented properly. Or if the design and layout of your site was proprietary, it would be more effective in the process of your work and meeting your needs.

Do not worry anymore. In MrW3 collection, we design and produce your own plugin according to your needs. Also, if you wish, we can design and implement your own template at a reasonable price. All you have to do is share your needs with us so that we can implement them.

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