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5 important WordPress errors and how to fix them


What are the 5 important WordPress errors?

What are the 5 major bugs in WordPress? Today, with the advancement of societies and technology, people have become more eager to set up online stores to advertise their business on the Internet. There are several programming languages ​​for creating and Web design. Using WordPress template is one of them. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that is designed to be very simple.

Also, the WordPress system has many plugins that can be used to design a professional store and run it on the Internet. However, every system sometimes has problems and errors. WordPress is also one of these systems and sometimes it gets a series of errors.

What is web design?

To fully understand WordPress or register an order to design a site with a WordPress template, as well as full SEO support, etc., you can join mrw3 expert group. In the following, we will introduce 5 important WordPress errors and how to fix them and the reasons for the errors.

5 important WordPress errors

  1. Error 404
  2. forbidden 403  
  3. Bad Gateway 502
  4. Service Unavailable 503
  5. Gateway timeout 504

Now, recognizing the important errors of WordPress templates, we will fully introduce all the mentioned errors along with their solutions. It should also be noted that if you are looking for a web design with WordPress template and also full SEO support, you can be with Mr. Web’s professional and expert collection.

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1. When does 404 error occur?

One of the most common mistakes that anyone can make is 404 error. The reason for this error on a site is that the browser is connected to the host server. But he did not find the link to the search site. On the other hand, one of the main reasons that causes a 404 error is changing the link of a page without a redirect.

To fix this type of error, you must first find the page and content that caused the error. To fix this error and improve the site process, you can use the WordPress SEO plugin or Yoast Seo. Because with this plugin, it leads the user to a new unique link that replaces the old link without the need to make any special changes.

In general, the presence of this plugin on your site causes you to change the unique page link on the site at any time. It is able to identify the content from the ID of each page and transfer the old link that no longer exists on your site to the new link without any problem on your site. And this will no longer have a negative impact on your site rankings and SEO.

2. What is a forbidden 403 error?

Another type of error on a website is the forbidden 403 error, which is one of the http status codes. This error means that the main server has understood the page you are looking for, but it is not possible to allow full access and upload. In some cases this access may be blocked by the site administrator. Or there is another problem on the site.

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Other reasons that cause a 403 error in WordPress are such as incorrect configuration of site permissions, or htaccess file corruption. If you are a user and you want to fix this error, do the following. But if you are a site administrator, you can review items such as plugins used on the site or the main site template, etc.

  • Perform Refresh page on page
  • Check the address of the desired site
  • Clear the system browser cache
  • Use another browser

3. What does Bad Gateway 502 error in WordPress mean?

Another error in the http code and status is the Bad Gateway 502 error. This error occurred while searching for the target page, ie the main server received an invalid response from the input server. Now you may be wondering when we might encounter a 502 error? Reasons such as changes in dns, server crashes, programmer errors in coding, browser problems, high traffic or high volume, and so on. You can consider the following steps to resolve the error.

  • Modify and change dns
  • Clear the system browser cache
  • Turn off and turn on the system and modem
  • Check the plugins used on the site
  • Temporarily shut down the system firewall
  • And…
5 important WordPress errors
5 important WordPress errors

4. What is the cause of Service Unavailable 503 error in WordPress?

Another common WordPress error is the Service Unavailable 503 error. This happens when the main server does not receive a proper response from the PHP scripts. In general, WordPress 503 error may be due to reasons such as the wrong custom code in the site template or one of the WordPress plugins, or in some cases It could be due to a malicious attack on the host, lack of host resources, or changes made to the server, and so on.

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What is SEO?

One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to disable all php scripts separately. The other steps you need to take to deal with this error are as follows. Change the site template to default, enable WordPress debugging, etc. For more information and guidance, you can get help from mrw3 expert group. WordPress, Mentor, WooCommerce, etc.

5. When does Gateway timeout 504 error occur?

The general meaning of Gateway timeout 504 error is 504 gateway error. This error occurs when the main server is not able to respond or does not receive a proper response. In some cases, it may be due to increased site traffic or heavy database and …. It should be noted that this error is also one of the errors of the http status code. If you encounter this error, you can do the following solution. To solve the problem. If you do not resolve and receive more information, you can contact the experienced engineers of this collection with the numbers mentioned on mrw3 website.

  • Turn off the system vpn as well as turn off and on the system
  • Perform refresh on the page
  • Clear browser cache and use another browser to check things like site traffic and database

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