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What is CSS?


What is CSS

What is CSS ? , Css stands for Cascading Style Sheet, which is used as a web design language and to create the appearance of site information and documents. CSS is a popular web design tool written in HTML and XHTML. Features include support for scripting languages ​​such as plain XML, SVG, XUL. In general, css is a markup language in html for site design. For example, in CSS coding, you can change things like site background, images, site color, font type, etc. to your liking.

Introducing the CSS site design language

When you think of designing a site using HTML or CSS, you may be wondering what HTML and CSS are. Or what can they do? What are the characteristics of CSS? HTML alone does not look good on web pages, but when different codes and languages ​​are combined with this site design language, it gives a beautiful effect to your site pages. One of the features of the programming language is that it is stored in the cache or the cache of the browser and does not need to be re-read for reuse.

What is SEO?

Remember that to comply with w3c standards, all code to define a feature must be on the ccss web page. In general, the order of the layout in the template code of a site is of particular importance. In older versions of the HTML language, tables were used to categorize and determine site code to maintain order.

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What is the use of CSS language?

What is CSS ? One of the main reasons for using CSS in coding and site design is to be able to separate content information written in HTML. Content information means color, size, font type, pagination, etc. When these contents are separated in the coding section, it increases the access speed and also makes the site more flexible. Using css gives better control over the appearance features. It also provides the ability to design multiple pages in one format, while avoiding complexity and duplication of website design.

Applications of CSS in site design include:

Adjust and determine the height and width of the site

Ability to design responsive web pages

Ability to select and set the background according to personal taste

Design and select the location of text, photos and other items on the site

Determining how to arrange the text left to right or right to left and …

Select the distance of the elements from each other

Specify font type, color, size, etc.

What are the features and benefits of CSS? and What is CSS ?

1. Saving time and continuity means that you no longer need to make changes to the site by creating a command line and specifying site specifications. And you can design all pages of the site with the same command.

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2. Help SEO and speed up the site with CSS. Using less code causes search engines to spend less time indexing the site, and as a result, the site speeds up, which in turn improves SEO.

3. Using this simple programming language in site design helps to prevent constant tag changes and code rewriting in HTML.

4. One of the special features of this programming language is its compatibility with various devices such as mobile phones, computers, etc.

What is CSS?

What are the types of CSS? and What is CSS ?

What is CSS ? This programming language has different methods for designing and defining features in a site, including:

1. Inline: Features and specifications are written in the tag of the same HTML page.

2. Internal: The properties in the <heed> section are specified by writing the <style> code.

3. External: Compared to other methods, it is the best choice for site design. To use this method, a file with the css extension. It is created and in the heed section, html and css pages are linked together using link code.

What is web design?

It should be noted that in some cases, due to differences in the structure of browsers, commands may not be displayed in some browsers, so do not use obsolete commands by the w3c standard in the design of your site.

What is the difference between two programming languages ​​for site design, html and css?

The connection between CSS and HTML is very deep and inseparable, as their main purpose is to build a web page. In general, the html programming language is the main structure and skeleton of a site, while the css programming language with color and visual effects contributes to the beauty of the site. In other words, these two languages ​​complement each other for site design and have no specific application alone.

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last word

What is CSS? To design a site you need enough knowledge about different types of programming languages. In this article, we tried to introduce you to the two main site design languages, namely css and html. As mentioned, CSS is for simplifying and marking html coding as well as creating a beautiful visual effect on the site.

The use of this language in the design of HTML site improves the beauty of the site and, most importantly, due to having simple codes, increases the speed of the site, as a result of which the SEO of the site also increases. Using CSS, you can change the background, color, size, font type, and other main and important features of your site to your liking.

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