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What is site architecture? Its importance for SEO


What is site architecture? Its importance for SEO

The more time passes since the start of your site, the more you need site architecture. In Persian dictionaries, architecture means designing and organizing the structures of a building. Now, if you consider anything else instead of a building, we understand that everything else, such as a website and a blog, etc., also needs architecture. Stay with MrW3 to check what is site architecture? How important is it for SEO? And.. let’s pay. If business and site development is important to you, do not miss this article.

Website architecture

Site architecture is one of the most important aspects of site SEO. The contents of your site, which are around a specific axis, are displayed by web pages. Site architecture shows Google and other search engines the importance and order of important content, categories, tags, internal links (Permalink in WordPress) as well as navigation and breadcrumbs (guide path) are tools for building site architecture.

What is web design?

In fact, the site’s architecture helps users find the content they want more easily. We all know that the more we are among the first in new fields, the more successful we will be. Even now, there are few site managers who know what website architecture is and how important it is for SEO, so if you are looking for further improvement of your site’s SEO, read this article from do not miss

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The importance of site architecture for SEO and search engines

Proper organization of a site makes that site successful. So we can claim that if the architecture of a site is not done correctly, the SEO of the site is incomplete and not much success is achieved in the ranking of the site. In fact, the architecture of the site shows whether Google can recognize your page or not. It’s like having a lot of stuff in a warehouse that isn’t organized and you don’t know where anything is or if it’s there at all.

4 reasons why site architecture is important for SEO

  1. Site architecture actually acts as a guide for search engines, there are crawlers in search engines that search throughout the structure of websites and their goal is to index the content to display it to the user. Google has claimed that its crawlers are not able to identify all pages and there are pages that it cannot find and show. For this reason, one of the reasons why your site or pages from your site are not displayed on the first page of Google is that you do not have a strong site architecture. Among the pages that Google does not recognize are the pages that are some distance from the main page of the site (that is, to access it, you have to do more than 4 clicks) and are not linked on any other page. This is why the use of internal links in site architecture is very important.
  2. The architecture of the site creates a fabric and gives the right credibility to the pages of the site. For example, by linking a page, we increase its credibility and this indirectly helps us to have better SEO. Naturally, the higher the credibility of the site’s pages, the more chances it has to appear on the first page of Google.
  3. In any site, there are articles that have similar content and may confuse Google’s bots in the ranking of importance. With a proper site architecture, the site administrator can determine the important pages for Google and show the right content to the right user. This topic of the site makes the site popular and also helps SEO. In addition, the user spends more time on the site and looks at the items related to the page.
  4. A strong architecture will help you get backlinks for your site. Getting a link site requires a strong site structure and architecture and high link credibility. With this, Google will automatically grant a web link to your site. Site links are one of the most important factors in the credibility of a site with Google.
معماری سایت چیست؟ اهمیت آن برای سئو - What is site architecture? Its importance for SEO
What is site architecture? Its importance for SEO

Solutions for proper site architecture

Keep the site simple

If the site has a complex architecture, instead of making it easier for users to access it, it actually makes it harder. If there are too many categories and, for example, the user has to make more than 4 clicks to access the content he needs, the site architecture is inappropriate and the person will not want to use a site with a complex structure. So, we suggest that while organizing thousands of pages on your site, you should also keep it simple.

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The importance of internal links

Internal links are very important in the architecture of the site, because they cause the authority of the pages to be properly distributed on the site and also help the user to find important and related content more easily. It also increases the click rate and the time spent by users on the site.

What is SEO?

Another point that you should follow is to leave your content at the level of the site. A deep navigation structure is not at all suitable for a site that wants to be among the first sites in Google’s ranking. Deep web structures are not properly identified by Google bots and in addition, they cause users to not easily access the content they need and refuse to visit your site again.

The importance of site architecture

As you can see, how much a proper architecture and structure for any site has an impact on its SEO and causes its progress and growth. Visit MrW3 for more information on creating, growing, architecting, and… a site MrW3 is a wonderful website in the field of web design where, in addition to useful content, you can order website design, website security, applications, SMS panels, etc. MrW3 has 12 years of experience, so trust his experience with confidence.

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