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What is technical SEO? 8 technical laws of Technical SEO


What is technical SEO? It is one of the sub-branches of site SEO, which has a great impact on the position of the site in the search results of users.

After Web design, various methods and techniques are used and steps are taken in order to do the SEO of the site in a proper way. One of the most important sub-branches of SEO, which has an important impact on the quality of the site from the eyes of search engines, is the technical SEO of the site.

What is technical SEO?

In the rest of this article, MrW3 will explain what and how to do site SEO so that you can get to know it more and understand the purpose of doing it. In order to better convey the concept of technical SEO so that you understand what technical SEO is, we must have an overview of the general concept of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) literally means site optimization for search engines, especially Google, which is the most widely used search engine in the world. The task of search engines is to search among hundreds of sites and find the best and most useful content for the user who has searched for a word.

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What is web design?

Search engines are constantly improving, and various ways such as using artificial intelligence and deep learning are constantly being tried to improve the work of search engines in finding useful content for the user. A site that is SEO properly, search engines will find it without difficulty and add it to their search results; Because such a site has met the standards of the search engine for user-friendliness, and from the search engine’s point of view, it can be a satisfactory answer for the audience.

Classification of types of SEO

Site SEO is done in three different parts. These sections include internal SEO, external SEO and technical SEO. All these parts are important in their place and all three parts complement each other. Internal SEO refers to things that must be observed inside the site. In the external SEO part, the effort is to invite the audience to visit the sign.

What is technical SEO?
What is technical SEO?

What is technical SEO?

This part of SEO, which is also called technical SEO, is considered one of the most important parts of SEO. SEO professionals do it with the aim of reaching a higher rank in search engines. Technical SEO refers to things like site architecture and site responsiveness and speed, which affect the increase in natural site visits.

What is SEO?

Various steps must be taken so that the site is in good condition in terms of technical SEO. The first thing you need to do is figure out where you are in terms of technical SEO. For this, you need to check and see which technical SEO factors are well respected and which ones are not. After realizing these things, you should have a proper plan to reach a proper level of technical SEO. In the continuation of this article, we will review the 8 technical laws of technical SEO from MrW3.

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Technical SEO checklist

Technical SEO is a bit more complicated than other types of SEO and more attention should be paid to the details of the work.

Site speed

One of the most important things related to the number of site visits is the speed of loading pages. A site that does not load quickly cannot attract the audience, so you must pay attention to this point when designing the site and its SEO.

Control site crawlers

The robots of a search engine crawl through the so-called site content and receive information. You can take advantage of this feature and make it easier for robots to search the content of your site by using internal links.

Remove broken links

Sometimes it is seen that there are links on a site that by clicking on them we reach pages that do not actually exist and we face an error. Such pages should not exist on the site.

Remove duplicate content

To get a good ranking in search engines, there should not be duplicate content inside the site. In addition, the content published on the site should not be copied from other sites. The presence of such content on the site will damage the credibility of the site.

Check the security of the site

A site that is well SEO is at a good level in terms of security. Because by observing security protocols by a site, Google realizes that the site values ​​and respects its users. The easiest way to prove this is to get an SSL certificate.

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Structured site data

By using structured data, search engines can better understand what your site is about. This data has a special structure and format, and in this way Google will easily find the file.

XML sitemap

If you don’t know what exactly this item refers to, we must say that it means a list of all the pages of the site. Using this sitemap, you can provide Google with a list of all the content and everything that is on your site and thus make sure that nothing is missed by the search engine.

Using the hreflang tag on international sites

Sites that operate in several countries use different languages ​​for their audience. By using hreflang tags, you can help search engines understand the differences between languages ​​in different parts of the world.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is one of the branches of SEO that has a significant impact on site SEO. In this article from MrW3, we have examined this issue completely, which you can read.

Which part of technical SEO is more important than others?

In general, all parts of technical SEO are important and all these things can be complementary.

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