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What is SEO? SEO or website optimization for search engines


If we want to give a precise and basic definition of the word SEO. SEO is a set of activities in designing and determining the content strategy as well as producing a quality and good content for the site. So that the site in question gets a better position in Google searches and also increases its visitors. Continuing to answer the question of what is SEO? We will discuss SEO and its influencing factors.

What is SEO?

SEO What is SEO? In other words, search engine optimization. Users and site managers use SEO to improve the performance of internet sites based on the Google search engine standards, as well as to attract and increase returns. SEO has many things that, by doing them, have a great impact on the visibility of your site after web design.

These factors include: the words used in the product content, the presence of incoming or outgoing links in a text from your site to other sites, considering the appropriate structure for the site according to search engines.

What are the goals of SEO?

The purpose of doing SEO for a website is to get the best result during Google search along with the connection between the pages and all the keywords entered on the site by the users. In general, SEO helps the ranking of the site in Google’s Jitjoy results a lot. In order to be able to show the desired page from your website with a normal search, many steps must be taken.

Implementing this task requires an expert who has enough knowledge and information to do the job, as well as time. To achieve this goal, time is one of the biggest and most important investments to improve a website or a page. In order to be able to optimize the site better, you should pay attention to the points mentioned in the following section.

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Keyword suitable for SEO

Choosing the right and useful keywords related to the product or business, doing and implementing SEO may take more time, it may take weeks or months to achieve the desired result. Perhaps the optimization of the site is not very noticeable and can not be seen quickly, but with time you will see good results.

Its ranking and visitors increase. One of the important features for any website is to be able to be on the first page of all Google searches, especially in the first 3 rows. which is the highest percentage of clicks on this page and of course the first 3 rows.

One of the reasons that caused companies to spend time and money on SEO is that according to the general statistics obtained, the first 3 positions have taken 58.4 percent of the winners. For this reason, it is very beneficial for site managers to be in the first 3 positions.

On the other hand, many users are interested in clicking on Google’s natural search, and according to the statistics obtained, 72.3% of users follow this method. Knowing this information for a collection manager has created competition and wasted time and money with others.

What is SEO?
What is SEO?

Two main parts of SEO

On-page SEO

In this section, you have complete control over parts such as code, content, photos, links, etc. All the things you upload on your site are generally related to the in-page SEO section. The most important and main part of SEO is on-page SEO because all the efforts you make to optimize the site are where you have the most control over it.

In this section, you have complete control over sections such as code, content, photos, links, etc. Everything you upload to your site is generally related to the in-page SEO section. The most important and main part of SEO is in-page SEO because all the efforts you make to optimize the site are in the place where you have the most control over it.

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What is web design?

Off-page SEO

Website optimization with off-page SEO method controls everything that happens outside of a website. And this section is the complete opposite of in-page SEO, which has precise control over the internal details of the site.

In general, off-page SEO is the management of links from other sites to your website, and by doing so, it optimizes search engines. Doing this is very specialized and should be done by SEO engineers so that they can find the right links. and manage

Factors affecting SEO

Every year, Google presents new algorithms that have a series of new conditions. And all sites must follow the declared standards in order to have a good ranking in Google search results. One of Google’s algorithms is user behavior. The way this algorithm works is that it analyzes the user’s behavior during the search and ranks and optimizes your site accordingly.

When a user searches for a phrase or a word, Google offers one or more other results to the user, and finally Google will pay much attention to the user’s choice. For example: if a site does not have an interesting ranking on Google search pages, but many users click on that page or site. Google improves site ranking. Other things that affect the ranking of the site is the length of time the user stays on the site. To gain more and more specialized knowledge, you can join Mr W3’s professional group.

To learn more about Su, we suggest you read the content in the WordPress SEO training section of Mr W3’s website.

What is SEO?
What is SEO? SEO or website optimization for search engines

The most important part of SEO

As mentioned above, SEO and site optimization is a time-consuming activity. On the other hand, there are many methods and steps to get the best position and rank in Google search, each of which has a positive effect. If you want to be successful in SEO and see a positive result, you should consider 3 main points and methods.

Considering important technical SEO standards

In this method, following a series of points and standard principles such as standardization of the coding part, considering SEO standards in web design, speed optimization, etc. are among the things that should be considered in technical SEO. It should be noted that if you are looking to start an activity in the internet space, you must have a powerful platform that meets the general standards.

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Choosing the right content and keywords related to business (content marketing)

Before you start, you should research the business you want to start and its market, especially if you are looking to start an online business and also get a good ranking in Google search results. The keywords you choose should be good and valuable words, to understand it you can analyze it in comparison with competitors and thus select and produce a useful content and word in accordance with Google standards. Why did you reach the goal? It is impossible to do content without SEO.

Targeting links on the site

The third point that you should consider after technical SEO, producing valuable content is how to choose and create external links that you have on your site. One of the most important parts is creating external links, which is specific to off-page SEO. which includes such things as: buying a report in the ad, creating a marketing comment, or buying a backlink, etc. If you are looking to create an internet business, you can get help from Mr W3’s expert team and expert engineers. MrW3 is active in the fields of web design, SEO and site optimization, customizing WordPress themes, customizing WordPress plugins, etc.

What is SEO?

SEO or site optimization for search engines is a set of activities that improve the position of your website in search engines. In this article from Mr. Webb’s blog, we have analyzed this topic in detail, which we suggest you read.

What things are more important in SEO site?

In general, all the necessary items in the SEO department are complementary and should be checked and optimized together.

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