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What is HTML? Everything you need to know about HTML

what is html

Most likely, those who are involved in Web design or people who are interested in this topic are called What is HTML? HTML, which is a programming language known as a markup language. This type of programming language is an introduction to entering the world of the site and creating a store on the Internet.

Those who want to get into this world of Word should learn and fully understand this web programming language. If you are looking to learn and know this programming language or get acquainted with WooCommerce, Mentor, or WordPress, etc., you can Join MRW3 profession and get help from the group’s engineers.

What is HTML?

What is HTML? As mentioned, HTML is a simple language and markup in web design. In other words, this language is for the skeleton and the main appearance of all sites that are on web pages. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML was first discovered in 1980 by Tim Berners-Lee, a collection of British engineers and researchers, and was launched on the World Wide Web.

What is the reason for naming HTML?

To explain the reason for naming HTML, we will explain it according to the words that make it up. Which include :

HyperText: This word means that the pages that are used to design a site on the Internet are related to each other. And other scientific texts can be used on one page.

What is SEO?

For this purpose, the word is used to mean hypertext, which with the help of HyperLink can use links to images, videos, and other texts. Having this feature makes it possible for you to visit any page you want without losing its order.

Markup: This word is a brief description of the entire performance of the HTML language. That is, there are special markings and elements in each content.

Language: Due to all programming languages, it means special grammatical rules along with keywords.

This type of web programming language is constantly being revised and changed. Which is being run by W3C to meet the needs of programmers.

What is the use of HTML language?

What is HTML? As mentioned, HTML is the backbone of a website. That is the first step to enter the world of site design. On the other hand, it should be noted that this is not a type of programming language, but only to display the content and main structures of a site that is predefined.

The most important thing about HTML is that with the help of css language, which are complementary to each other, they can give a beautiful look and feel to the site. These two languages, html and css, are very simple computer languages. If you want to become more familiar with the two languages ​​html and css, you can contact the engineers of this collection through the website of MRW3 Group.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HTML language?

HTML, along with other languages ​​such as CSS, form the core of the site. For this reason, it has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  1. It can be run in all browsers.
  2. It is very easy and enjoyable to learn.
  3. This is a free language with open source features.
  4. Another feature of HTML is that it integrates easily with other languages ​​such as php.


  1. One of the disadvantages of this programming language is that it has to design each page separately. Because there is no logical rule in this language.
  2. Another disadvantage of HTML is its dependence on server languages ​​and being static.
  3. Html Support for older browsers is very poor.

After recognizing html or css if you want to design a site. You must write general grammar codes for each page. For this reason, one of the best solutions that you can design a high quality site in the shortest possible time.

Use WordPress. With the help of WordPress, you can easily create a professional site for yourself without the need for a code. For more information about this type of web design language, as well as familiarity with SEO, or customization of WordPress plugins and plugins, you can visit MRW3 website.

last word:

What is HTML? HTML is one of the few programming languages ​​that can be run in all browsers and read directly. This programming language is the main skeleton of a site that needs a good infrastructure with a very beautiful appearance that is completed with the help of css.

Learning HTML as we mentioned before is very simple and you can learn it very quickly and earn money. It should be noted that to achieve a better goal and become a professional in a field such as website design, even if it is the simplest method, it takes a long time. After reading the above content, you may be asked if you need a special tool to design a site with a master of htrml or not?

What is web design?

In the first step, you do not need any special tools or methods to create a web page using HTML or CSS language. And any code written in this language is easily displayed in the browser. Do not forget that to create a website, you need to learn more than CSS and HTML. In the following, in order to get better acquainted with the process and site design tools, we will introduce them so that you can learn them according to your personal interest and need. These tools and technologies include:

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