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Getting to know Google Search Console and learning how to use it


In this article from MrW3 site, we will explain about Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a very useful tool for SEO experts, and you can use it to find out about the organic traffic of the site. Things like how many people have visited your site? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your site? What flaws does the site have in terms of security? You can find out by using Google Search Console.

Getting to know Google Search Console

Another benefit that this tool has for you is that it shows how people who come to your site came to know about it. The overall takeaway from working with Google Search Console is that it helps people have a healthier site.

Google Search Console

When this tool was introduced to webmasters, it was known as Google Webmaster Tools, but now it is used as Google Search Console by people who work in the field of SEO and web design. Google SSN provided the tool to the owners of the sites so that they can use it to put their site status in check mode.

What is web design?

People who use this tool receive detailed statistics about the status of different sections of their site, which helps a lot to improve its status; For this reason, Google Search Console has become one of the most used tools to have a better site, which is impossible not to use. This very useful tool is free and Google has provided countless advantages to the owners of the sites.

گوگل سرچ کنسول - google search onsole
گوگل سرچ کنسول – google search onsole

So far, it has been said that using this tool has many advantages, but what exactly do these advantages refer to? What statistics and reports are available to webmasters using Google Search Console?

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This tool specifies that:

  • What is the number of visits in different parts of the day and at different hours?
  • What keywords did the audience reach this site by searching?
  • What are the links and backlinks of the site?
  • What pages are indexed in Google and what pages are not indexed? What mistakes are there on your site that are important from the point of view of search engines?
  • What are the security problems of your site?
  • There are other items, but the mentioned items were the most important information that Google Search Console provides to its users.

How to use Google Search Console

Therefore, we can understand the essential role of this tool in SEO and website design, and as someone who works in the field of website design and SEO, learning to work with it should be one of your priorities.

In general, to acquire skills in working with this tool, you must go through three steps:

  1. Introducing your site to Google Search Console
  2. Login to your site
  3. Using the information on the site

There are different sections in Google Search Console, but the most important sections that provide you with good information about your site are the following sections:

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In this section, you can see how you performed on the pages of the search engine that show the results. Plus, it provides you with a complete report about your entries and how you’ve done over a period of time.


This section checks and shows the pages of your site that are indexed along with the pages that are not included in the sitemap.


Of course, there are other tools, each of which requires time, special attention and more explanations to learn, and you can see related materials on MrW3 website.

Advantages of using Google Search Console

Learning how to use Google Search Console will have many benefits for you; Including:

  1. You can find out if Google bots have access to the site or not. If your site is designed in such a way that it has errors, then the Google crawler bots cannot check all your pages. This makes your content, no matter how valuable it is, hidden from the eyes of Google and the audience, and the site does not grow. Does this tool make sure that all pages are visible to Google?
  2. Obtaining statistics and figures that can play a significant role in the growth of your site.
  3. You can manually request indexing for various site links.
  4. You will find out which keywords searched by users brought them to your site.
  5. You can see the click rate of your site.
  6. If your site has a problem in terms of responsiveness, you can see it and solve the problem.
  7. The internal and external links of the site are available to you.
  8. You can easily fix site errors because Google Search Console provides them to you.
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What is SEO?

Why should we use Google Search Console?

By logging into Google Search Console, you will be able to get perfect reports and statistics about different parts of your site. You can use these statistics to improve the status of your site. So you should have regular and continuous reviews of Google Search Console to get the best results. This tool tells you what is the reason for users to enter your site. If the traffic of your site has increased one day, what is the reason? What is the reason for the days when traffic drops?

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