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Selecting and creating a site link structure or permalink is one of the most important points in designing and launching a site. permalinks will have a huge impact on your SEO. Choosing the right structure can also bring many other benefits to your site, which we will explore in this article.

Check the permalink structure in WordPress

One of the important features of WordPress is the ability to change the unique link structure in WordPress as easily as possible. You can change the direction of your site by choosing a suitable structure. Unique linking is very important for search engines. One of the important things about unique links is that they are short. Items such as selecting a unique link related to the content or whether the unique link is Persian and English are also very important, which we have already examined.

What is web design?

The short permalink is also more attractive to visitors. At first glance, they will quickly become familiar with the content. In the following, the address of the desired link is much easier to remember. Therefore, if you need to re-read the article, the audience can access it very quickly and by typing a short section of the link to your site article. Keep in mind that in addition to the short permalink, choosing the right name also has a very important impact on this process.

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How to change a unique link in WordPress

If you have just launched your WordPress site, we suggest that you first set up and save your site’s permalink structure. But if your site has content, we suggest you do it more carefully. Because by changing the permalink the structure of all the links on your site will change and this will have a bad effect on your SEO. You can get help from experts in this field.

Unique link in WordPress

Types of unique link structures in WordPress

% post_id%: ID for your article

% year%: The year the article was written

% monthnum%: The month the article was written

% day%: The day the article was written

% postname%: Article name

% category%: Article category

Choose the best name for your WordPress site

In no way can one of the permalink structures be introduced as the best name. Choosing the right permalink structure depends on your site and the articles and goals you have for the site. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

The best permalink structure for news and entertainment site

News and entertainment sites usually have a lot of articles and writings. Therefore, the probability of repeating the titles or their similarity will be very high. For such sites, the best structure is to use post ID. For example, you can use the post ID before the article name. You can also use the article name and the publication date of the article together.

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Suitable structure for corporate and educational site

Educational and corporate sites, because they have almost fewer articles than news sites, it is better to use the article name structure or% postname%. Because it will lead to better results for both the author and the site administrator, as well as for the site users and search engines.

What is SEO?

If your site has a lot of articles and you have a ranking in Google and your content is indexed, we suggest you do not touch your permalink settings because you will face a sharp drop in ranking in SEO. But if you have little content or you want to continue your site in a more principled way, we suggest you start now and choose a suitable permalink and slug for your site.

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