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Getting to know Google Search Console and learning how to use it

In this article from MrW3 site, we will explain about Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a very useful tool for SEO experts, and you […]
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Familiarity with PHP programming language

What is php? What is php? It is a programming language that is known as the main basis in designing a site. In other words, it […]
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What is HTML? Everything you need to know about HTML

Most likely, those who are involved in Web design or people who are interested in this topic are called What is HTML? HTML, which is a […]
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What is CSS?

What is CSS What is CSS ? , Css stands for Cascading Style Sheet, which is used as a web design language and to create the […]
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Elementor error when importing the template

Elementor error Elementor error ،One of the great features of Elementor Page Builder is the ability to output templates and embed them in any other website […]