Introduction to WooCommerce


What is WooCommerce?

Introduction to WooCommerce Today, with the advancement of science and technology, many businesses have become interested in selling their products on Internet sites.

Advances in technology and science have led most people to control their work at home and remotely. Therefore, selling services and products through the Internet is very popular and the most popular business method. To enter the cyberspace to sell a product or service, you must set up an online store for the desired product and service.

What is web design?

If you want to do this business, follow us to the end of this article, because in this article we intend to provide you with useful information about how to create a store or how to enter the Internet. You need a WooCommerce plugin to have an online store for your services. For this purpose, at the beginning of the work, we will get acquainted with WooCommerce and learn how to install WooCommerce.

What is a WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce plugin is a powerful store builder plugin in the Internet space that is open source and fully advanced under the supervision of WordPress. With this plugin, as mentioned above, you can create an amazing store based on WordPress, which is very useful and efficient in the world of e-commerce. In the meantime, it has grown significantly, which has been able to attract many users.

  WooCommerce installation tutorial

If we want to give a general definition about this plugin, WooCommerce is an official plugin from WordPress that by installing it on WordPress, your website will become a completely professional store.

Introduction to WooCommerce - What is WooCommerce?

You may ask, what is the function of WooCommerce plugin?

In an online store, you need to buy everything from a store properly. These include setting up services such as buying a product, selling a product, sending a product, settings related to the payments section, and of course confirmation for payment, etc. are all included in this plugin. With this plugin, the user can easily manage their store.

How did you get acquainted with WooCommerce?

In a short period of time, many users were looking to build an online store as a major solution, and in 2011 they were introduced to the WooCommerce plugin as a powerful store builder.

In 2015, WordPress owners bought the plugin after recognizing it, so that now more than 99% of the e-commerce of WordPress websites is provided by this plugin.

It should be noted that according to global statistics with millions of active installations of this plugin as a driving force of many online websites. For more information and to get acquainted with WooCommerce, you can contact MrW3 collection engineers.

Familiarity with 12 features of WooCommerce

1. With this plugin you can manage your store accurately and easily.

2. Has the ability to support all WordPress plugins as well as SEO

3. The best tool for accurate and intelligent reporting

4. This plugin can create the ability to create comments and views for any product.

  Add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce

5. Having Persian language for the convenience of users when using

6. This plugin can display all the details of product sales for you.

7. The best feature is the ability to connect to the Iranian postal system

8. Another important and practical advantage in this plugin is the possibility of exclusive sales in one city and country or the possibility of sales in all cities and countries.

9. In WooCommerce plugin, you can use different bank payment gateways for your store.

10. You can create a special sales festival plan or put a special discount code.

11. Define quality images as well as gallery for each product separately.

12. Another practical feature in this store builder is having a warehouse management system for collection management

What are the features of WooCommerce Store Builder?

According to the explanations given, in addition to this plugin, in addition to being able to monitor and manage the performance of your store. Instead, you can apply any change in the design of the store according to your taste.

On the other hand, WooCommerce can be easily integrated with WordPress and provided to the user completely free of charge.

With WooCommerce, it is possible to add content and increase SEO, which can be used to achieve a high level of sales in a product or products.

This plugin, as mentioned, is open source with the php programming language. Having this feature allows you to design your store efficiently and advanced.

It should be noted that each system, in addition to the advantages, has limitations and disadvantages that must be considered when using. WooCommerce also has its limitations, it’s worth noting.

  WooCommerce installation tutorial

What are the disadvantages and limitations of WooCommerce plugin?

You need a variety of plugins to be able to offer different features in your store. But in WooCommerce you can not use any number of plugins because not all of them are compatible with each other, so it can cause problems in your store. On the other hand, despite this problem, you have to pay a fee to solve the problem. Most importantly, the occurrence of these problems will also slow down your site.

The last word of introduction to WooCommerce plugin:

In 2011, they designed a highly professional WooCommerce team. After many years, we have witnessed the significant development of this plugin, which is especially popular among people in the city. The existence of this plugin creates a powerful store for buying and selling products and services in the Internet space with high speed. Using this plugin, any user who owns a store can easily access services such as buying, selling, payments. And have full supervision over warehousing.

What is SEO?

Most importantly, the open source nature of WooCommerce allows the user to easily make any design changes according to their taste. It can also create features for each product, such as creating an image and image gallery, payment gateways, connecting to the Post Office of Iran, and so on.

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