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Install WordPress on C Panel


Install WordPress on C-Panel control panel

Install WordPress C Panel and WordPress installation tutorial

Install WordPress C Panel ,Your host is on standby by an operating system. The hosts used for WordPress are equipped with the Linux operating system. This operating system has a control panel that C Panel and Direct Admin are the most popular control panels of Linux operating system. In the following, we want to review the steps of Install WordPress C Panel control panel. You can also use this article to install WordPress on Direct Admin.

Install WordPress C Panel on the control panel and learn how to work with C Panel

Step 1: Provide hosts and domains

The first step to installing and using WordPress is to provide a suitable domain and host.

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Step 2: Download WordPress

After purchasing the host and domain, you must now download the latest version of WordPress from this link.

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Step 3: Login to Control Panel C Panel (Login to Host)

Enter the good domain address plus the port you got from your hosting support in your browser. Then enter the Haso control panel C panel by entering the username and password of the host.

Install WordPress C Panel

Step 4: Build the database

You will need a database to install and run WordPress and build your site. Click the MySQL® Database Wizard from the main page to create a database. Then enter a name for your database as shown below and click Next Step. On the next page, you must select and enter a username and password for the service database. We suggest using lowercase, uppercase, and lowercase letters to choose a password.

You can also select a strong and random password by pressing the Password Generator button. Then click the Create User button. Be sure to write down the username and password of your database so that you can use it in later steps. In the next step, according to the figure below, select the ALL PRIVILEGES option and click the Next Step button to create your database.

سی پنل Install WordPress on C Panel

Step 5: Transfer WordPress to Hosts

From the main page, click on File Manager. Then click on public_html from the chart on the left and then on Upload. Now select the WordPress zip file that you downloaded in the second step and upload it to the host. Once the file has finished loading, you must unzip it. To do this, right-click on the WordPress zip file and click Extract.

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وردپرس بر روی سی پنل Install WordPress on C Panel

After unzipping the zip file, a folder called wordpress will be created. Enter this folder and select all the files in it by clicking the Select All option as shown below. Then click on the Move option in the menu at the top of the page. Now in the window that opens, go to public_html and click on the Move Files option to move the files inside the WordPress folder to the public_html folder.

Step 6: Install WordPress on C-Panel hosting

First, enter the domain address of your site in the browser to see the following image. Among the suggested languages, click on Persian and click the Continue button. Then, according to the figure below, to continue the steps of setting up WordPress on the C panel in the new page, click on the button! Click ..

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On the next page, enter the database information that you wrote down in step four. Make sure you fill in only the first 3 items and then click submit. If the database information is correct, you will be taken to a page where you must enter the information required by your site. Enter site title, username, password and email. You can also check the last option (show to search engines) to hide from search engines until your site is complete.

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