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How to increase site security?

Increase WordPress site security , most likely you are familiar with the word or WordPress site builder system. Most websites today are designed with WordPress. This system is very popular among users due to its special capabilities and features. The impressive popularity of WordPress, in addition to having positive points, also leads to negative points.

For example, its high popularity also endangers the security of the site builder system. To this end, efforts to increase its security are among the essential tasks. Increasing the security of WordPress site is one of the main concerns of site owners. Because by hacking the site and leaking users’ information, your store’s reputation will be damaged and, most importantly, it will destroy the user’s trust.

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It should be noted that complete maintenance in a system is relative, and we can not speak with certainty about the complete protection of the website. On the other hand, in order to be able to prevent hacking the site, you must consider solutions. In this article, we are going to learn more about how to Increase WordPress site security for better performance.

A solution to create security in the WordPress environment

When a site is hacked, all product and store information is stolen. In a way, stealing information is the most optimistic possible scenario for the site. The most pessimistic possible thing that can happen to the site is the presence of malicious code on the site, which in appearance may not be a problem for the website and does its normal job, but the presence of this malicious code causes important information about products and even employees. And it will be permanent.

So at the beginning of installing WordPress to build a website, you must use all the ways to increase the security of the WordPress site. It is better to know that providing security does not mean managing the content of a site, but it is related to the host as well as the main server. Therefore, these sections should be at the highest level of security.

Reasons to increase Increase WordPress site security

In general, hacking a site causes very serious damage, which includes:

Stealing user information of a site

Creating malware on the site by a hacker

Harm to the site user by having their personal information

Damage to site ranking and SEO

Increase WordPress site security

Ways to increase WordPress site security

As mentioned, increasing the security of the site does not mean maintaining complete security of the site. It means reducing the attack of hackers on the site. To do this, do the following. Methods include:

1. Keep the WordPress Site Builder Store up to date

You should know that WordPress is an open source system. Therefore, it must be updated by the team that designed and built it. Of course, this software is designed to do minor updates automatically. But keep in mind that security must be updated regularly.

tip :

WordPress software is a very advanced system with an unlimited number of plugins and themes that you can use according to the needs of your store. For all WordPress plugins, regular updates and updates are prepared and published by the development team. After releasing the updated versions, you can install them in your WordPress.

2. Use a strong and sophisticated password and username to increase the security of the WordPress site

One of the most common and common methods of hacking is to use a password. Therefore, to be able to block this method, use a unique and complex password. By doing this, not only the site management but also the database, custom email address, etc. will be completely secure.

3. Use dual authentication in WordPress

Dual authentication means entering two different components to enter. That is, a public password with a confidential question and a private password with a special code or character and number. By doing this, you can greatly increase the security of your site.

4. Consider the basic and important roles

Hosting in WordPress plays a very important role in creating site security. Because the host frequently monitors the network and is aware of any suspicious activity.

Some powerful groups in the field of hosting equip themselves with ddos ​​to fight hacking, etc., and also prevent hackers from abusing them by having up-to-date programming and hardware versions. In general, these companies can protect your information well.

5. Backup WordPress site to Increase WordPress site security

Another way to prevent hackers from damaging the site is to provide a powerful and up-to-date support version. Because when government sites are attacked by hackers, your site is definitely attacked.

There are many free or paid plugins in WordPress that you can easily use. Do not forget to keep the site information on a separate hard drive after regular backup to be completely secure. Among the important and reliable plugins in WordPress are BlogVault or UpdraftPlus.

6. Use security plugins

After making a regular backup, in order to increase security, you must install a security plugin on your WordPress. The existence of this plugin plays a very important role for your system. How it works is that as an auditor and observer, it reviews and follows all the events on the site. Some of them include control over file integration, failed login, scanning for malware on the website, and more.

7. Change the website URL to Increase WordPress site security

When the URL to the site is in the form of wp-lohgin.php or wp-admin for a while. Hackers can quickly find your login address and carry out brute force attacks on the site. They use GWDb (Guess Work Database) to do this. You can use the iThemes Security plugin to fight and prevent them from entering this way.

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8. Another way to prevent hacking SSL / HTTPS section of the site is enabled

SSL is a data encryption protocol between the site and the browser that is encrypted, which with encryption function helps to protect and identify your website data and information.

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