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Elementor error when importing the template


Elementor error

Elementor error ،One of the great features of Elementor Page Builder is the ability to output templates and embed them in any other website and domain. But sometimes this will cause problems and make the seemingly simple task difficult and impossible. In this article, we will examine one of the common problems when importing and importing Elementor templates. Stay with us until the end.

Import the elementor template

Sometimes, depending on the need, you need to insert a section or a page to design the template and landing pages. This page and section can be from ready-made templates or from ready-made sections in WordPress templates. Sometimes you may even have designed a section on a site and want to use it again by outputting it and transferring it to another site.

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Error 404 and failure to identify the file in the elementor ,Elementor error

One of the most common errors when importing a json file and inserting it by elementor is error 404 and error of not recognizing the file. This error often occurs in ready-made templates. In transferring json template and file from one site to another, this error is observed in most cases.

  Familiarity with PHP programming language
Error 404 elementor

Fixed the error of inserting the elementor template

To solve this problem, enter the elementor tab from the WordPress panel and then the settings. Then in the (Activate upload of unfiltered files) section, select the activation option as shown below and save the settings.

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Elementor import template error

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