Add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce


Currency usage in WooCommerce

Add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce , as you know, with the advancement of technology and the conditions of society, most sales are done online. For this reason, in order to be able to deliver your product or service on the Internet, you need a site and an online store. You’ve probably heard the word WooCommerce. You need a WooCommerce plugin to turn your website into an active and powerful store.

This plugin has many features such as adding payment gateways, its open source so that one can design the store according to one’s taste. Many online stores today use the WooCommerce plugin to further their goals of selling products and services. It should be noted that each system has advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, one of the problems in this powerful and professional plugin is that it does not support the currency of some countries, such as Iran.

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In order to have a professional store, you have to implement everything in the real store within your virtual store. One of the necessities of the store is the existence of a unit of Toman and Rial. In this article, we try to provide information about this along with teaching how to add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce.

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Add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce

If you are looking to set up an online store in Iran. You need a professional and versatile plugin like WooCommerce plugin which is based on WordPress. As mentioned, this plugin with special capabilities and features will make your store different. But on the other hand, this system also has problems that the lack of Iranian currency can be one of these problems. For this reason, you should be taught how to add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce and have enough information in this regard.

The need to add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce

From a marketing perspective, pricing for products can have an impact on sales and popularity. On the other hand, inserting the price in Toman has a positive effect compared to inserting the price in Rial. Because the buyer sees a large number of zeros on the product has a negative psychological impact and feels that he pays more for the product.

Before learning how to import a Toman unit to WooCommerce, you should be familiar with how to install it. If you need WooCommerce installation training, you can click here. After installing WooCommerce, in order to be able to add the currency of the desired country, you must follow the steps mentioned below step by step.

Add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce

Steps to add Toman and Rial to WooCommerce

1. First you need to put the functions.php file in your site template folder.

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** To create a function file, you must write the following command code in a notepad with php code. That is, the relevant code must be inside <? Php and?>.

2. After moving the functions folder, you must put the following code in the function file.

Command code related to creating a Toman unit:

add_filter (‘woocommerce_currencies’, ‘add_my_currency’); function add_my_currency ($ currencies) {$ currencies [‘ABC’] = __ (‘Toman’, ‘woocommerce’); return $ currencies; } add_filter (‘woocommerce_currency_symbol’, ‘add_my_currency_symbol’, 10, 2); function add_my_currency_symbol ($ currency_symbol, $ currency) {switch ($ currency) {case ‘ABC’: $ currency_symbol = ‘Toman’; break; } return $ currency_symbol; }

The function of the command code is to first create a currency for WooCommerce, which is the same as Toman. Then the Symbol code is to show the currency in the command code.

3. After entering the code in the function file, go to the configuration section and add the currency of Toman or Rial to your list.

** A noteworthy point for a better effect in the price display is that in the placement of the currency, set it to the right and at a distance to meet the work standard. By adding this feature to your store, you have been able to take another step towards professionalism.

In case of any problems and further guidance in this regard or Mentor problems, or familiarity with how to improve SEO, etc., you can get help from expert mrw3 engineers.

  WooCommerce installation tutorial


As mentioned, woocommerce is a store builder plugin in WordPress that is installed on the content control and management system and template and helps you build and design a store. Swimming became very popular in 2011 when a number of experts designed and implemented this plugin. So that more than 27 million active users were active in this field.

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WooCommerce system, like other systems, has advantages and disadvantages. One of the major benefits of this open source WordPress plugin is that it allows you to design a store to your liking. One of the disadvantages and problems of WooCommerce is not supporting the currency of different countries such as Iran.

But there is no need to worry, in order to be able to solve this problem, the WooCommerce support team has considered a solution by which you can easily solve this problem. Use Toman or Rial. After entering the function file in the main template folder of the site, write the command codes mentioned, and after doing so, add Toman and Rial to your list from the WooCommerce configuration section. This way you can have a complete and powerful store in the internet space.

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